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Buy new domain

To be able to sell on the BurgerPrints platform, a seller needs to have at least one domain. This domain can either be newly purchased on the BurgerPrints system or you can connect your existing domain to the system. It cannot be combined.
Connecting a third-party domain to BurgerPrints

The seller purchases a new domain on BurgerPrints’ system following these steps:

Step 1: Select the Setting tab => choose Domain => select Buy now domain

Step 2: Enter the domain name you want to buy => the system will check the domain and return information. If the domain does not already exist, the seller can purchase the domain => select “Purchase” to buy the domain.

The seller can pay for the domain using the Topup balance or directly add payment methods (card, PO) to pay for the domain.

Step 3: At the Register info step, the seller needs to enter the information for the seller who owns the domain.

  1. Enter the corresponding seller’s email.
  2. Enter the first name.
  3. Enter the last name.
  4. Enter the organization for the store as: Your_name_store+domain.
  5. Phone: Enter the number in integer format.
  6. Country: Select one corresponding country, by default no country is selected.
  7. State: Enter the corresponding state.
  8. Address: Enter the detailed address.
  9. City: Enter the city.
  10. Postal Code: Enter the Postal Code of the corresponding city, which is the postal code defined by the corresponding country.

Select Register to confirm that you have filled in all the information on the form.

After completing the Register info step, BurgerPrints’ system will automatically activate the seller’s domain.

Complete the domain purchase process on BurgerPrints.