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Connecting a third-party domain to BurgerPrints

If the seller already has a domain under their management, they can choose to connect that domain with BurgerPrints.

Condition: The seller’s existing domain is managed on Cloudflare. If it is managed on another platform, the seller can transfer it to Cloudflare management according to the following guide: Managing domains on Cloudflare.docx.

The seller can connect the domain with BurgerPrints following these instructions:

Step 1: Select the Settings tab => select Domain => select Connect existing domain.

Step 2: Check domain: Enter the domain you want to add => click Add

Step 3: Verify connection

The web server system generates the file headcheck.html to proceed with verifying the domain. The seller clicks Verify connection => the system checks namedomain.headcheck.html

Case 1: Successful check, creates file.config domain => Successfully connects the domain with BurgerPrints

Case 2: Check fail => Display an error message, the seller needs to redo the domain connection step => select Verify again => call the API to connect the domain again.

The seller will proceed until the Domain reports ‘connect done’. During the domain connection process, if you have any questions or need further support, you can directly connect with our Support team!