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Guide to Viewing Your Order Model

To view the mockup of an order, there are two methods: viewing it while creating the order and viewing it after the order is created. Viewing the mockup while creating the order is only supported in the “Add Custom Product” section for individual orders. For other order creation methods such as CSV or API, you can only view the mockup after the order is created. Orders created in the “Browse Product” section from pre-existing Products already have mockups available.

Previewing the mockup while creating an order using “Add Custom Product”

In the first step of creating an order, when you click on “Create Order” >> “Add Custom Product” in the “Upload your design” section, you upload the design in the “Upload” field.

Viewing the Mockup of Your Order

After uploading the design, you will see an eye icon with two circles in the top right corner next to the design. Click on that icon to view the mockup.

Viewing the Mockup After Creating an Order Through Different Methods

When you create an order using CSV, API, or Add Custom Product, you can view the order mockup in the Orders section.

Click on “Quick view” for the status of each order you want to view.

The Quick View interface will open; click on “View” to see the mockup of that order.

Tại đây bạn sẽ xem được mockup mặt trước hoặc mặt sau của đơn hàng.

Chú ý:

Orders created from Browse Product already have mockups available for you to view when creating the order. Therefore, in Quick View, you will not see a separate view for the mockup; the main order image is the mockup image.

  • Some of our bases do not support previewing the order’s mockup:

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Air Jordan 1 – AJ1

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AOP Basketball Jersey

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