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Guide to Creating an Order Using API

BurgerPrints offers many ways to create new orders, and using an API is one way to generate orders from the seller’s own software system directly into the BurgerPrints system.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create an order using the API through Postman API software.

Step 1: Access Postman. Download the Postman API software to your computer.

Step 2: After installing the Postman software, access the software and then enter the order information according to the detailed instructions HERE.

Our documentation includes detailed instructions, making it quite easy to create orders through the API. For example, entering information about the recipient, shipping address, email, phone number, along with design links, and mockup links…

Additionally, you need to enter the API key from the BurgerPrints system. To obtain the API key, see the details HERE.

Step 3: Enter the complete order information through the API and proceed to place the order to BurgerPrints by clicking Send. At this point, the Postman system will return the order details to you, including the order ID. Copy this ID to check the order on the BurgerPrints system.

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To edit and pay for your order, go to All Orders to proceed.

If you have any questions or encounter any errors during the ordering process via API, please contact our support team immediately for the best assistance.