W8 -W9 Form

W8 Form 

A W8 form is a form that Sellers must submit to verify that he or she is not a citizen of the United States, whereby all tax matters will not apply under the regulations of this country.

Download W8 form here.

Information to be filled in:

– Part 1: Identification of Beneficial Owner. In this part, you have to fill in your personal information.

• 1st, 2nd sections: Your name and the country you live in.

• 3rd section: need to write in detail, specifically room/house number, street, commune/ward, district/province, province/city.

• 4th section: is a physical address, not an email address. If this address matches the information you declared in the 3rd section, no need to record it anymore.

• 5th,6th,7th section: optional.

• 8th section: Date of birth MM-DD-YYYY.

– Part 2: This section just fill in the box in section 9. Write your country.

– Part 3: No need to fill.

– Sign: After completed, you must sign the Sign Here section below. Then enter your date of birth in the box next to it, enter your full name in the “Print name of signer” box below, and confirm “YES” in the “Capacity in which acting” field.

W9 Form 

W9 Form is a form Sellers must submit to verify if they are US citizens. When withdrawing as a US citizen, you will be required to meet your tax obligations under US law.

Download the W9 form here. This form there will be 6 pages with specific terms.

You will have to fill in your details on the first page of this form. The first is personal information. Next is the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) information and finally your signature and the date the form was filled out.

Note: When submitting the W9 form, you need to upload the full form with all pages and complete information.

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