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Guidelines for editing or canceling an order

To edit or cancel an order that has been placed, you need to follow the steps below along with some important notes when canceling an order.

How to edit an order that has been placed

Step 1: After accessing the system, on the All orders interface, select the order you want to edit and click Edit.

Hover the mouse pointer over the order position, and a toolbar will appear on the right side of the order screen for editing. Click Edit to modify the order.

Step 2: After clicking Edit, you will be taken to the edit interface to modify the order. Here, you can make adjustments similarly to creating a new order. Then, click Save to save your changes. This completes the process of editing an existing order.


When the order status is Unpaid, you can modify the entire order.

For orders that are Paid and Unfulfilled (not yet produced), you can only edit the Shipping info, but the Country field cannot be changed.

For orders that are Paid and Scheduled (in production), you cannot modify any information. Orders that are Fulfilled (produced) also cannot be edited.

Canceling an Order

Step 1: After placing an order, if the order is still in the Unpaid status on the All Orders interface, you can cancel the order by selecting one or more orders and clicking Delete.

Step 2: At this point, the system will ask if you are sure you want to delete the order. Click Confirm if you want to delete it.

Step 3: For orders that have been paid, you have 2 hours to cancel the order without any fees. If the order has been put into production, you will need to contact support to cancel it. At this point, you may be able to cancel it without any fees or with a fee. Orders that have already been shipped cannot be canceled.

You can contact support directly to cancel the order or create a refund request in the system to send to support.

To create a refund, click on the order code or press edit order.

You will see the Refund section at the top right of the interface. Click on it and select confirm to confirm the refund, then wait for a response email from support.

At this time, you will be returned to the Orders interface with the notification “Your request has been successfully sent to our support team. The Support Team will assist with your request as quickly as possible.