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Guide to Managing Orders on the System

To manage orders on the system, you need to access the Orders section. Here, you can manage and track all created orders and know the status of each order.

The tags in Orders include All, Incompleted, Authorized… and are defined as follows:

All: All orders created.

Incompleted: Orders created in the system but with incomplete information, errors, or requiring user information updates before payment.

Authorized: The status of orders purchased by customers on the store using the seller’s payment gateway. The seller must pay the production cost to BurgerPrints.

Unpaid: Orders awaiting payment by the seller. The seller can choose to pay all orders at once or pay each order individually.

Paid: Orders that have been successfully paid.

Processed: Orders that are being produced.

Shipped: Orders that have been shipped.

Cancelled: Orders successfully refunded by the seller. Users can cancel orders that have been created but not paid. If already paid, users have only 2 hours to cancel without a fee. If the order is in production, users need to contact support for assistance, and there may be a fee or no fee.

The columns below display the status Date, Order ID, Customers… with the following meanings:

Date: The date the order is placed and recorded in the system

Order ID: Order ID (includes seller ID, CT for custom product orders, sequentially increasing)

Customers: Customer information of the seller

Reference: An order code that the seller can set for easy reference (a secondary code for the order ID)

Tracking: The shipping method for the order (includes regular shipping and express shipping)

Payment: The payment status of the order (includes Unpaid – not yet paid and Paid – paid)

Fulfillment: The production status of the order (includes Unfulfilled: orders that have not been produced. Scheduled: orders in the production process. Fulfilled: orders that have been produced.)

Amount: The total value of the order (buyer payment to the seller)

Cost: The production cost of the order (seller payment to BurgerPrints)

Additionally, in the order management section, you can search for orders by date, by store, or by order ID.

In the Sort section, you can choose to sort the order list by the earliest order date or the most recent order date. In the Columns section, you can select which column information you want to display according to your preference. These columns include Date, Order, Customers, Reference, Tracking, Payment, Fulfillment, Amount, and Cost.

Export: This section is for downloading an Excel file of the placed orders. You can customize the download by date, by page, etc.

More actions: This section allows you to upload SKU, check inventory status via Check Our Stock, and view the Fulfillment Policy.

With these features, you can easily access all the information about your orders created on the BurgerPrints system. This helps you manage your orders in the best possible way.