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Guide to Fulfilling Orders with Custom Shipping Labels

BurgerPrints provides a fulfillment solution for Sellers engaged in Print-on-Demand (POD) on e-commerce platforms that support order shipping, such as TikTok Shop, Poshmark, Walmart, and more. Sellers on these platforms can choose to fulfill orders with the “Order with Label” option, which allows for shipping labels customized according to the templates of the platforms the Sellers are using. This new feature helps Sellers expand their sales channels, leveraging the brand and abundant traffic already available on the e-commerce platforms. Additionally, with the advantages of fast production and stable shipping, BurgerPrints will assist sellers in delivering orders promptly as per the platform’s requirements, providing the best shopping experience for customers.

Currently, Sellers can fulfill “Order with Label” in three ways:

  1. Manually creating orders
  2. Uploading a CSV file
  3. Using an API

See the list of products eligible for “Order with Label fulfillment here!

Guide to fulfill an ‘Order with Label’ by creating a manual order

Step 1: Access the BurgerPrints system, click on the Orders tab in the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: On the Order page interface, click Label Order.

Step 3: On the Create Order screen, click on “Add custom product” to add the new product you want to include in the order.

In the Product info section, click on Base to select the type of product you want to order, choose the manufacturing Location, select the Color options, and pick the Size for the product.

Next, at “Upload your design,” click on “Upload” to upload the design you want to print on the product, including both front and back designs. At “Upload your Mockup,” click “Upload” to upload the product mockup, including both front and back mockups.

The uploaded image will be saved in the Media section.

Then, check the box that says “You are solely responsible for your mockup files” to take responsibility for the mockup files you have uploaded. Then click Save to upload the product.

Additionally, if you only have a mockup and want to use the Design service from the BurgerPrints system, you can refer to the guide on creating an order using the Design Support service.

Step 4: After uploading the product, on the Products interface, click on Quantity to select the number you want to produce, as well as detailed information about the product’s price. You can continue to edit the product by clicking on the pencil icon, delete the product by clicking on the trash icon, or add one or more products by clicking on the Add custom product option.

Step 5: Fill in the Shipping Label information. Note that uploading shipping labels is mandatory. Sellers should carefully check the label when uploading to ensure the order information is accurate.

The Store section is where you select the location managing this order in the system. The Reference order is the order code, which the seller can create according to their preference to synchronize the order code in the store and easily search for the order when needed.

After filling in all the required information, click the Save button at the top right corner of the screen to save the order information.

Step 6: To proceed with completing the order for it to go into production and be shipped to the customer, the Seller must make a payment. This can be done by selecting one or multiple orders and then clicking on Pay to complete the payment for the selected orders.

Instructions for Fulfilling an “Order with Label” using a CSV file

Step 1: Access the BurgerPrints system and click on the Orders tab in the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: In the Order page interface, click Import.

Step 3: Select “store fulfill.” Then, at the row with the BurgerPrints logo, click on “Download example CSV” to download the file.

Step 4: Fill in the CSV file according to the instructions

  1. The mandatory information to fill in includes: Name, Line-item quantity, Line-item SKU, Design front URL, Design back URL, Mockup front URL, and Mockup back URL. The Shipping label file column is mandatory; the Seller needs to provide the corresponding .png image link for each order.
  1. Field “Name”: You should enter the corresponding order code created on the sales page for synchronization to help manage orders more easily.
  2. For orders with 2 or more products: if the order has 2 or more products, enter each product in a separate line, fill in the information in the line below exactly like the original line, only filling in the columns: Line Item quantity, Line-item name, Line-item SKU so that the products ordered by the customer are grouped under a single order code.
  3. For orders with multiple items, the fields should be the same except for the columns Line-item quantity, Line-item name, Line-item SKU, Design front URL, Design back URL, Mockup front URL, Mockup back URL. Thus, in the same order, if an item is missing information (or incorrect information) combined with an item with complete information, the system will check which item has complete information and take it from that item. If no item has complete information, the order will be automatically assigned the status “Incomplete” pending additional information.


  • The system only recognizes design and mockup files entered as .png or .jpg images.
  • For CSV files with 7 or more records, the system will record and review the design link, customer address, etc., and send a notification via email when the order is successfully added.
  • The design link must ensure the correct design size specified in the Download SKU file, DPI 150.

Step 3: After entering the information into the CSV file, press “Import”, select the CSV file with the complete order information, and press “Open” to upload it to the system.

When the CSV file is uploaded successfully, click on Check log to be directed to the Import history interface. Alternatively, you can access the Import history tab from the left menu on the homepage under the Order section.

In the Import history interface, the Seller can check the information of the CSV file they have just uploaded. The Pending status indicates that it is awaiting approval, and you need to wait for about 30 seconds for the system to approve the information in the CSV file. Once the approval is completed, the system will indicate it as Done.

Clicking on the file name will show all the orders, order times, quantities, product names, warning statuses, and warning messages when the orders have errors.

Step 5: After completing and checking the orders, all orders created using the CSV file will be displayed in All Orders. You just need to select one or all orders and then press Pay to make the payment. The orders will be dispatched for production.

At the All Orders section, you can see all created orders and their statuses.

All: All orders.

Incompleted: Orders that have errors, missing information, or are not completed.

Authorized: Orders where customers have purchased via the seller payment gateway, and the seller has paid the BurgerPrints fee.

Unpaid: Orders that have complete information but have not been paid for.

Paid: Orders that have been paid for.

Processed: Orders that are being produced.

Shipped: Orders that have been shipped.

Cancelled: Orders that have been canceled at the seller’s request.

Guidance on fulfilling “Order with Label” using API

See detailed instructions on creating orders via API here!

Note: Shipping Info content is not mandatory, but Shipping Label is mandatory.


Method: POST

Content-Type: application/json

shipping_namestringName of customer receiving the productno
shipping_address1stringAddress line 1 of customerno
shipping_address2stringOptional address line 2 of customerno
shipping_citystringCity of customerno
shipping_statestringState or province where the customer resides. Required for US
shipping_zipstringZip code or postal code of customerno
shipping_countrystringISO3166 country codeno
shipping_emailstringEmail address of customerno
shipping_phonestringPhone number of customerno
shipping_labelstringURL of shipping label fileyes
shipping_tracking_numberstringTracking number in shipping label fileno
shipping_provider stringShipping provider no
ignore_address_checktrue/falseSee * Address Verificationdeprecated
reference_order_idstringYour custom field to help you match Burgerprints order to your internal order yes
shipping_methodstringstandard or express. Default is standard no
callback_urlstringUrl for receiving order update notify. We will send it when the order has the tracking number. See * Webhook body and See all our carrier listno
sandboxtrue/ falseyes
api_keystringYour api key get on dash.burgerprints.comyes
itemsstringArray of order itemsyes
catalog_skustringGo to check SKU of each productsyes
design_url_frontstringURL of front product designyes
mockup_url_frontstringURL of front product mockupno
design_url_backstringURL of back product designno
mockup_url_backstringURL of back product mockupno