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Guide to Creating Orders Using BurgerPrints Design Support Service

To create an order using the Design Support service, you have two options: create an order directly using “Add Custom Product” or create an order via CSV (to create an order using the Design Support service via CSV, you need to contact support to get the file and receive assistance in creating the order).

For the Design Support service directly on the system using “Add Custom Product“, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: On the Orders interface, select “Create Order” and then choose “Add Custom Product“.

In the “Add Custom Product” interface, select the Base, Location, and Size as you would for a normal order. For the “Upload your design” section, check the “Design support” option and upload the mockup you want to use. Then, click “Save” to create the order.

Step 2: At this point, you will be redirected to the Product interface. In this step, fill in the order details as you would for a normal order. Then, click “Save“.

Step 4: Next, you will return to the Orders interface. Here, after you pay for the order (including the design fee), the order will be sent to the Design team to create the design. Once completed, the design will be uploaded to the system for production.

For future orders with a design identical to the one created using the Design Support service, you only need to create the order without paying an additional design fee.