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Guide to Creating an Order Using CSV

To create a new order using a CSV file, you need to access the BurgerPrints Dash system and follow the instructions.

Step 1: Select the Order and click on Import.

Step 2: In the Import Order interface, you will see the available order platforms. Select the platform you want to create an order for using CSV and click on Download example CSV to download the file.

Fill in the CSV file according to the instructions:

  1. Mandatory information to fill in: Name, Line-item quantity, Line-item SKU, Shipping Name, Shipping Address1, Shipping Address2, Shipping City, Shipping Zip, Shipping Country, Design front URL, Design back URL, Mockup front URL, Mockup back URL, Check valid address.

Required Information in the CSV File

  1. Field Name: You should enter the corresponding order code created on the sales page for synchronization, which helps in easier order management.
  2. For orders with 2 or more products: if an order has 2 or more products, fill in each product on a separate line. Enter the information in the line below exactly the same as the original line, only fill in the columns: Line Item quantity, Line-item name, Line-item SKU so that the products ordered by the customer are grouped under one order code.
  3. For orders with multiple items, the information fields should be the same except for the columns Line-item quantity, Line-item name, Line-item SKU, Design front URL, Design back URL, Mockup front URL, Mockup back URL. In the same order, if there is an item with missing or incorrect information combined with an item with complete information, the system will check which item has complete information and use that. If no item has complete information, the order will default to the Incompleted status, waiting for information to be added.


  • The system only recognizes design files and mockup files entered as .png or .jpg images.
  • The design link must ensure that the design is provided in the correct size required on the Catalog for each product, DPI 300.

Notice: BurgerPrints does not yet accept original Drive image links. Instead, sellers can use Dropbox,, Trello, or Amazon S3 to upload design/mockup images and obtain the link to fill in the column (the link format must end in .PNG or .JPG).

Step 3: After entering the information into the CSV file, click Import, select the CSV file with the completed order information, and click Open to upload it to the system.

When the CSV file is successfully uploaded, click on “Check log” to be directed to the Import History interface.

The status “Pending” indicates that the order is awaiting approval. You need to wait approximately 30 seconds for the system to review the information in the CSV file. Once the review is complete, the system will indicate “Done“.

Here, you can check the information of the CSV file you just uploaded.

Click on the file name to view the entire order, including the order time, quantity, product name, warning status, and warning messages for erroneous orders.

Step 4: At the same time, all orders created using the CSV file will be displayed in the All Orders section. You just need to select one or all orders and click Pay to make the payment, after which the orders will be sent to production.