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Guide to Check the Inventory Status of SKU/Product

Checking the inventory status of SKU/Product helps you assess the situation of products, goods, and the actual condition of the inventory, allowing you to balance production flow in the workshops.

To check the inventory status of SKU/Product, access the Dashboard and select Orders.

On the Orders interface, you will see the phrase “More actions” located below the “Create Order” icon and the “Import” icon.

Click on ‘More actions‘, the system will display the following items: Download SKU, Check Our Stock, Fulfillment Policy.

Filter to quickly find the information you are interested in.

By selecting ‘Check Our Stock,’ you will see all Base + color + size + SKU names that are out of stock. You can check the inventory status of the SKU/product by filtering by color, by size, and by searching by base name.

Click Export, select the information you want to download, choose Export stock to download the Out of Stock details in an Excel file.

Note: Out of Stock status will change frequently, hourly and daily.