Tips to build instagram page for your Print on Demand store

Instagram is an effective channel to promote, increase traffic to your Print on Demand store. Check out some of the following steps to develop an instagram channel for your POD business.

Planning content strategy

Content planning for your instagram page is very important, including all content that can be uploaded to instagram such as images, text, videos, boomerangs, stories, etc.

If you don’t have a specific plan for your content, it will be hard for your page to attract your target audience. Start with a specific plan, follow your target audience, who they are, what content will convince them to interact and create valuable conversions.

Although in the same niche, there will be different people interacting with different types of content. So, try a lot of content to find the best strategy for your instagram channel.

Impressive profile

People will tend to be more affectionate with channel that look professional. Build your brand or create a unique feature for your niche. Prepare a beautiful profile picture, an impressive bio and link your website into it.

Image, caption

Instagram is a social network that focuses on images. Give your account a visual, consistent topic. However, consistency does not mean that it is boring.

Use brand characteristics (colors, fonts, logos …) to evoke a sense of familiarity.

Use unique mockups, variety of posts and don’t forget to remind customers to take action with call-to-action and links.


This is an important factor to make your post easy to find. For each post, use the rule more than 5 and less than 30 hashtags.

You can also search your hashtags to find the comments for your post, it will give you some nice suggestions.

Posting schedule

You should:

Post 1-2 photos or videos per day

Add 5-30 stories per day

Post a live video at the same time every day

Depending on who your target audience, it will have the best time to post. The following information may be consulted, however, please note that the actual may vary depending on the specific geographic or your target audience.

Follow your target audience

To follow them, you must find them first. Go to instagram and search for keywords related to your niche, then go to the most popular posts on the same topic and follow the people who are interested in that topic.

If you follow them, it will increase their chances of getting to know you. If you build good content for your account and attract them, you will get more followers back.

Actively interact in relevant communities

Instagram is not only a place to share photos, it is also a place where communities are actively helping each other, providing value, inspiring, learning and growing.

Actively interact with your followers, be able to follow back, comment or send a message to your loyal fans, ask questions and encourage answers in your posts.


Just like Facebook, you can pay to advertise your business on the Instagram by connecting it to Facebook.

Above are some steps you can refer to developing an instagram channel to marketing your Print on Demand store. Good luck.

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