The bed is not only a resting place for family members, it also shows the owner’s personality and taste of the owner. Bedding Set is a familiar product with Print on Demand sellers, it also proves its appeal with stable sales, suitable for many different designs and niches.

? Product details

– Bedding Set of BurgerPrints includes 1 blanket cover and 2 pillow cases, with hidden key.

– Good print quality, color durability thanks to the most advanced technology.

– Fabric is soft, breathable and easy to clean, can be used all year round.

– The product can be easily combined with many different niches, creating a highlight for the bedroom and expressing the personality and interests of the owner.

This is also a suitable product to make gifts for relatives (with niche family – mother / father / son / grandmom / grandfather) or for couples who want to decorate their house on this valentine, this is also a products should not be missed.

? Sizes

Currently, BurgerPrints Bedding Set has 3 sizes:

 – Twin size: blanket cover 172×220 cm, pillow cases 50×75 cm.

 – Queen size: blanket cover 228×228 cm, pillow cases 50×75 cm.

 – King size: blanket cover 259×229 cm, pillow cases 51×91 cm.

? Design file: 

– Type: jpg

– Maximum file: 100MB

– Size: 15355 x 16882

– DPI: 150 – 300

Refer and download the template here.

? Production and ship time:

 – Production time:  7 ~ 10 business days.

 – Ship to US: 8 ~ 15 business days (+ 2 more weeks for WW shipping).

In addition, BurgerPrints has fast lineship, please contact our support team for more information.

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