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How to Get Started with Fulfillment on BurgerPrints

If you’re interested in fulfillment on BurgerPrints, there are no setup fees for your account, but you will incur costs for the production and shipping of your products. To begin fulfillment, you need to set up a store on BurgerPrints or sync your store from external platforms connected to us.

 Creating an Account on the BurgerPrints System:

Access the Dashboard.

Log in directly with your Gmail account

Log in instantly with your existing Google account or sign up directly on the BurgerPrints system by clicking on “Sign up“.

Register a new account directly on the system

 Enter your password and confirm it. Then click “Continue“.

BurgerPrints will send a verification code to your email. Enter the verification code and click “Submit” to proceed.

At this stage, BurgerPrints will ask you some simple questions. Complete the answers and click “Next.” On the final question, click “Done” to complete the account registration. Now you have an account on the BurgerPrints system. Log in again and start using it.

Setting up Payment Methods and Adding Funds to Your Account:

Create a payment method in the “Payment method” section.

BurgerPrints offers various payment methods for your convenience, such as using B-wallet, Payoneer, or credit cards.

There are multiple ways to deposit funds into your B-wallet for order payments

After that, you need to add funds to your wallet account on the system to pay for fulfillment orders. You can explore different payment methods for depositing funds into your B-wallet account.

The Fulfillment Process

The fulfillment process on BurgerPrints is easy. Sellers can perform it by:

  • Creating orders within the system.
  • Uploading a CSV file to the BurgerPrints system.
  • Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, or other stores to BurgerPrints using the app or API integration.

The order creation and fulfillment process will take place within the “Orders” interface.

After payment, we will process the production, packaging, and shipping of your orders to the buyers. If there are any issues regarding product quality or delivery time, BurgerPrints will receive feedback and address them promptly.Furthermore, we have an experienced support team ready to assist you in starting your fulfillment journey on BurgerPrints efficiently and quickly.