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Guide to Design/Mockup Upload Dimensions

BurgerPrints has removed the size limit for uploading designs/mockups to the system for creating products, fulfilling orders, or storing in the Media warehouse. This change allows sellers to operate more conveniently on the system instead of having to choose images larger than 1000px * 1000px as before.

However, please note that standard-compliant designs will ensure the best print quality. Therefore, make sure the designs you upload meet the suggested standards of BurgerPrints:

For 2D Printed Products (Printed Apparel):

  • Recommended sizes: 4800×5400 | 2100×2400 | 4200×4800 | 2400×3200 | 2800×3200 | 4500×5400 | 2400×3197 | 4050×4650 | 3000×4000 | 4500×5000 | 3600×4795 | 4050×4050 | 3600×4800 | 4500×5100 pixels (WxH)
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • File types: JPEG, PNG


  • The print area for certain garments with pockets (front of Unisex Hoodie, Unisex Zip Hoodie, Kid’s Hoodie/Zip Hoodie) affects the actual print size on the front. Therefore, the specific size suitable for this print area is 4200×3000 pixels, 300 DPI.
  • Creating fulfillment orders using the “Create campaign” option with this design file will NOT display the standard print size for garments with pockets. Please select “Add custom product” or other methods to create orders.

For 3D Printed Products (All Over Prints):

For 3D printed products (All Over Prints), please download the product templates here.

See additional design guidelines according to the BurgerPrints template here.