Where to sell your Print on Demand products

This is one of the first important steps when starting a Print on Demand business, you will have to consider where to sell your products. This article will show you some ways you can apply to sell your POD products. Hope this helps!

Build your own store

You totally can create a website that acts as a storefront for selling your products. Here are some steps:

Create a website: If you are pro and confident with technology, you can code your own. If not, you can choose a software like Shopify or WooCommerce to create your website with full functionality of an ecommerce website to let you quickly upload your products, connect to a payment processor and start selling.

Register a domain name, choose a template and organize your website. You also have to develop your website content to attract your customers.

And the most important thing is choosing a payment gateway account to receive your customer payments.


Free to organize your site 

Building your own brand


Set up costs are high.

You have to do everything: code, design mockups, write contents, get traffic, tracking orders, handle payment gateway issues, disputes, fulfill orders …

Print on Demand platform – BurgerPrints

This is the most common and simple method for beginners. Choosing a platform like BurgerPrints, you only have to focus on creating amazing designs and selling them. The platform gives you an easy way to create and list your products. Here are some steps for you:

Create an account free here

Choose the products you want to sell

Upload design, set price.

Get traffic and sell it.


Fast, simple setup.

Low cost for setup (almost free).

Free mockups, templates.

Easy fulfillment

Don’t have to care about tracking orders, payment gate.

Freedom to focus on design and marketing.


Limited product categories.

Must follow the process of the platform.

eCommerce selling site

Another way to sell your Print on Demand products is take advantage of some eCommerce selling sites like Amazon, Ebay, Esty…. 


Easy and fast.

Maximize your visibility

Generate trust


Low profit

Hard to build brand

Strict rules for seller

Above are some ways you can refer to selling your Print on Demand products. You can use one or more ways that match your selling strategy. Good luck.

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