Upsell and cross sell tips to increase revenue on BurgerPrints platform

Upsell and cross sell tools on BurgerPrints platform can increase the rate of each sale to 1,3 – 1,4 products per order.  Thereby increasing the average order value (AOV) and gaining you more profits.

What is upsell and cross sell?

These are sales tactics to recommend customers other products after they have purchased a product from your store. 


This feature is typically a recommendation of products in the same campaign on your storefront. For example, if you set a campaign include T-shirt, mug and canvas and use the upsell tool. When your customer buy a T-shirt, platform will recommend customer to buy more mug or canvas of your campaign.

Cross sell

This feature will recommend products in the different campaigns. For example, if you have two campaigns with the same tags or niche and use cross sell, when a customer buys a product in campaign number one, the platform will recommend products in campaign number two. This up-sell will use the tag you set up for each campaign to determine which campaign to suggest upon check out. So please remember to set up tag for your campaign.

Where are upsell and cross sell products will be displayed?

Pre-sale checkout popup upsell

This upsell will display totes, mugs, or posters on the “Buy It Now” modal. Automatically optimized for best results.

Post-sale popup upsell

This upsell will be present on a modal after checkout. You may add up to 4 campaigns.

Post-sale email upsell

This upsell will be present in an email after checkout.

Post-sale order confirmation email upsell

This upsell will be present in the order confirmation email after checkout. Please select 3 campaigns.

How to set up upsell and cross sell?

Setting a new campaign: After step pricing, you can easily find it on the bottom of step launching.

Editing existing campaign: Campaign -> select campaign -> detail -> edit -> update.


* Upsell/Cross sell other type of products that have the good selling design 

Upsell/Cross sell other designs of a niche

Collection upsell/cross sell

When selling on a custom domain, combine discount tool upsell/cross-sell to achieve more effective:

Example: buy x items discount yy% 

Buy 3 discount 10% 

Buy 5 discount 15% 

Buy 7 discount 20%


Using these common sales tactics and creating a relationship with current customers will help you reduce marketing costs and keep your current customers coming back for more, then increase their lifetime value to your business. 

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