Tips for boost sale on Easter for Print on Demand sellers

Easter is a holiday for Christians (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican), marking the death and return of Jesus. This holiday is very popular in the US, Europe and on this occasion, the demand for gifts and decorations increases, so it is also a great opportunity for POD business people.

?  Create Easter effects

Decorate your online store with eye-catching Easter theme.

Create products with Easter inspired designs and these symbol:

– Eggs: the symbol has the meaning of fertility, rebirth.

– The rabbits: not only a symbol of fertility, strong vitality, but also associated with a legend of Ostara (also known as Eastre) – goddess of spring, the name of this god is also take to name the holiday.

– God: the symbol of god and the resurrection are also especially associated with this holiday.

– Ham: Traditional food on Easter meal by Christians around the world.

– Spring: This holidays is also transformed into a spring festival in many places with the meaning of fertility and new vitality.

?  Focusing on customers, especially children.

It is believed that wearing new clothes during Easter will bring good luck to the rest of the year and represent a new beginning, hoping for good things in the future. So on this holiday, people often buy a lot of new clothes as gifts for their loved ones.

Especially, this holiday brings excitement to children, design colorful products that focus on this target audience. Can use the Personalized feature to increase the uniqueness of the products.

? Home decoration

Poster, wood prints, metal prints, and Easter-themed canvas products are good ideas for this sale season.

In addition, bedding set, blanket are hot products for this holiday because many families will want to change new one for welcome the new luck in the future.

Don’t forget Quilts for picnics or outdoor activities like Easter egg hunting.

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