Print on Demand jigsaw puzzle selling tips

As a psychologist once said: We humans feel stressed if we have a task that we don’t succeed at and are bored if we are competent at something but have no task. By doing puzzles, we achieve the perfect balance. Perhaps for that reason, not only children, adults are also passionate about this game that requires high conquest.

Now, BurgerPrints allows sellers to create Print on Demand puzzles with their own designs, suitable for their niche market they are targeting. 


Puzzle is suitable for a variety of audience, ages of 6 and up, can be played in groups of friends, family …, easily combined with many niches of hobbies, careers, beliefs , lifestyle… ..and also a unique gift.

Due to the Covid 19 and the social distancing, the need of home entertainment games increases significantly and puzzle is a perfect choice.  

Entertainment is definitely the biggest benefit of this game, besides, jigsaw puzzle is also used as a tool to train the brain (smart designs will be prefer in this case), or many experts also suggest playing puzzles to improve short-term memory and relieve stress.

Types of Puzzle at BurgerPrints:

192 pieces puzzle: completed size is 42cm x 30cm,  design requirement is 4963 pixel x 3546 pixel. This type has the least pieces, easy to play, rectangular frame.

 500 pieces puzzle: completed size is 35cm x 50cm, design requirement is 5908 pixel x 4136 pixel. This type has a moderate difficulty, suitable for adults, rectangular frame.

1000 pieces puzzle: completed size is 50cm x 75cm, design requirement is 9094 pixel x 6142 pixel. This type has the highest difficulty level, for those who want to conquer the challenge, rectangular frames.

201 pieces puzzle: completed size is 35cm x 31cm, design requirement is 4136 pixel x 3733 pixel. This type is not the least pieces but the easiest to assemble, heart-shaped frame.


Designs of your target niche

You will probably know best about the designs for your niche. Not only is the game, when the game is finished, customers can frame it and make it a wall decoration, so it is also possible to apply designs for canvas or posters to the puzzle.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of designs that increase the challenge level of the game.

Colorful, galaxy


Block pattern puzzles


Color gradient

Hidden points


Black and white


Some Call to Action depending on your target audience:

Check out this hardest puzzle game.

Your kids will absolutely fall in love with it! 

Let’s have some fun with… 

Train your brain 

Let’s work! 

Wish you all the best with this new product of BurgerPrints.

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