Print on Demand guide for new beginner

If you are a creative lover can create attractive designs and want to make money with them. Or are you a business man looking for more unique products for your online store. Either way, Print on Demand products is what you are looking for.

But what exactly does the Print on Demand business process look like? How to build an online store for Print on Demand business? In this article, BurgerPrints will give you an overview so you can get started with Printing on Demand (POD).

Print on Demand

An online business model that allows sellers to sell customized products with their own designs, and products are printed after customers place orders. As a result, sellers can sell without having to think about inventory and storage, the POD platform will help sellers to manage the production, printing, packaging and shipping of the product to the customer.

The Print on Demand business also is essentially a form of drop shipping, the seller doesn’t need to handle the production, storage and shipping of goods.

POD fulfillment and POD marketplace

As a fulfillment partner, POD fulfillment allows sellers to connect your ecommerce website to their platform and when a customer places an order on your website, order information is sent to fulfillment partner for printing, packing and shipping the product to your customer.

Meanwhile, POD marketplace handles both the front-and-backend of the Print on Demand business process. Instead of connecting seller’s e-commerce sites to the POD marketplace, selelrs can create stores right on the marketplace platform. You simply need to upload your designs, marketplace will help sellers create product mockups with that design, allow sellers to create stores and use marketplace’s payment gateway, tracking….

Depending on the different strategy, each seller can choose the form of selling on the platform or fulfillment.

BurgerPrints platform is a POD platform that offers both of the above options. Sellers can create products directly and sell on marketplace or can choose to fulfill orders via BurgerPrints system.

With no minimum order quantity, BurgerPrints will fulfill for you even 1 order. At the same time, BurgerPrints also offers many ways for sellers to easily integrate and sell on the BurgerPrints platform. Therefore, BurgerPrints is still being trusted by many new sellers and longtime sellers.

Basic steps to get started

Step 1: Build online stores

The first step you need to do is build your online store, where you will create and sell your products, then connect it to a POD platform.

Sellers can choose from many platforms to create an e-commerce website with full features of sales, payment gate, … such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or sell on major e-commerce platforms like Amazone, Ebay, Etsy. If you already have a store, you can always connect it to the BurgerPrints platform and start selling from there.

If you do not have a website, don’t worry, you can still create online store on BurgerPrints marketplace or on BurgerPrints custom domain.


Step 2: Upload designs and choose the types of products for sale.

The next step is for sellers to create products for their online store. Select the products you want to sell and upload your unique designs onto that product. BurgerPrints offers a wide variety of Print-on-Demand products for sellers to choose from.

In addition to products such as apparel, mugs, posters, … sellers can choose to sell Handmade-on-Demand products such as leather books, leather minimalist wallets …

Step 3: Sell your products.

Once you have created online stores with unique design products, sellers need to advertise and marketing those products to customers.

There are many ways you can market your products, including sharing your products with target communities through social media or using paid advertising services of Google, Facebook, Twitter… ..

Step 4: POD platform fulfill orders

When customers buy a product, the seller will receive their profits, BurgerPrints platform prints the product, packages and delivers it to customers.

In addition, BurgerPrints also provides more useful features for both product fulfillment (bulk upload, auto sync …) as well as marketing (email marketing) for the seller’s products.

Start selling with BurgerPrints here.

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