Personalized feature for all-over-print campaigns on BurgerPrints platform.

Sellers now can create personalized campaign for all over print apparel products with the custom text. Sellers can also change the font, color, size.. of custom text.

♻️  Feature

– This feature allows customers change the text on design of product when they shopping on BurgerPrints platform.

– Sellers can modify the size and placement of custom text right on the genetic mockup from BurgerPrints system, and at the same time the text content, font and color of the text to suit its design and attract customers.

– Seller can download fonts online and freely upload them to the system to increase the uniqueness of custom text on their designs.

– For text color, Sellers can customize the color and transparency of text.

– This feature currently applies to All Over Print – Pattern Uploading.

♻️  5 steps to create 3D Personalized campaign

Step 1: Choose Create New Campaign

Step 2: Choose Personalized, choose All Over Print  -> choose products.

Step 3: Upload design và click ‘Add Text’.

Step 4: Điều chỉnh vị trí, kích thước của custom text, text, font chữ, màu sắc… cho phù hợp với thiết kế của mình rồi click CONTINUE.

Step 5: Đến bước này là giống như các bước lên campaign bình thường. Hoàn thiện và click Launch như bình thường.

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