How to play puzzle game

Puzzle is a new product that be fulfilled at BurgerPrints platform. Below is one of specific instructions on how to play puzzle.

Step 1: Completing jigsaw puzzle

First, prepare a puzzle with your favorite pictures. Then start exploring all the pieces.

Prepare yourself for the most comfortable sitting / lying / or standing position. Clear a flat surface and prepare the workspace where you won’t be disturbed.

Next is putting the pieces together to complete the picture. Building the framework first, then scale the wall and finally finish the picture.

This step may take time but don’t worry, enjoy the stage and practice your subtlety.

Tips: Placed a cardboard underneath your puzzle to prepare for step 2

Step 2: Gluing

After completing the picture, prepare another workspace. The requirements of this space need to be clean, place newspapers below to ensure the next operation does not affect its inherent surface and the cleaning will be simpler.



Prepare a wax paper or parchment paper that is larger than the completed picture. Slide the picture onto the surface of wax paper. Next, use a liquid glue (here, you should use Mod Podge to get the best effect) and pour it on the picture, use a piece of cardboard or business card to spread the glue. Then give time for drying (usually about 5 hours).

Tips: Do not be rushed, just enough glue and spread it carefully to avoid concave or air bubbles appear.

Step 3: Frame it

Choose the frame for the picture, it can fit in or be wider than the picture. Mark the outline of the puzzle using a pencil to align the perfect picture position.

Separate the wax paper from the glued picture, and then glue the picture onto the board of frame. Then let it dry completely.

Tips: Place a few heavy objects to ensure total, flat coverage between the puzzle and the board. 

Above are the steps to create your own artwork using a puzzle. Hope you will have interesting experience time with this game. Thank you!

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