How to create a leather products campaign on BurgerPrints

The ‘Handmade on Demand’ leather products of BurgerPrints although have been launched for a short time but showed attractiveness. Not only have the exquisite handmade quality, high leather printing techniques, unique with custom art designs, they are also suitable for many niches, high demand, less competitive, and are one of the premium products that bring a lot of profits to sellers. Here are some detailed instructions for creating a leather campaign for beginners.

Prepare the designs

BurgerPrints leather products include: leather notebooks (size S, M, L), minimalist wallets and passport holders. Like other ‘Print on Demand’ product lines such as T-shirts, mugs, canvas, etc… leather products also need to create appropriate designs.

For each type of leather products, BurgerPrints create templates with size, so sellers don’t need to spend time creating the frames size. The design preparation steps are very simple:

Step 1: Download the template, leather notebook (size S, M, L), minimalist wallet and passport template at:

*** Note: If your design use text, then choose the template with laser engraving for text, it will help your design much more beautiful and unique.

Step 2: Design follow the template of each product.

*** Note:

–  The laser colors are include:

– Please do not select different colors from the above.
– Each design can only use one laser color.
– The campaign selected multiple colors or different colors from the above will be denied fulfillment.
– If your text or design have more than one colors, you can choose the printing without laser on the whole product.

Step 3: Export .png file

Create campaign

Step 1: Register a seller account on BurgerPrints here:

Step 2: Campaign -> New Campaign -> Leather -> Start design -> choose the products (leather notebook size S/M/ L, minimalist wallet or passport holder).

Step 3: Choose file -> upload .png file -> choose color (strap color of leather notebooks or the leather color inside minimalist wallet and passport holder) -> Add more products. 

Step 4: Click ‘Sell this’ -> set the “Sale price”.

Step 5: Click “Next” -> write campaign info (get the tips here), pixel, upsell (get the tips here), change the default product or side if you want. 

Step 6: Click “Launch” (sell on platform) or “Dropship only” (for dropshipping).

After a while your campaign will be approved and your product will be ready for sale.

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