Father’s day selling tips for Print on Demand business

Father’s day is a big celebrated holiday of the year in the United States and many countries in Europe. It also is a huge opportunity for the Print-on-Demand business to sell the unique products and gifts. Here are some tips that you can use to boost your sales this year.

Target Audience

The key is to identify the target audience, who will buy your products and who will use it? You can make your designs either very broad or target specific attributes of dads: Outdoor Dad, Modern Dad, Military Dad, 1st Time Dad, Step Dad, ….

Call-to-action ideas

General for Father’s Day ads

“Get a Father’s Day gift for that special dad in your life. Buy within the next 24 hours and get xx% off!”

“We’ve made Father’s Day shopping even easier. Get the perfect gift for the perfect dad. Limited-time offer!”

“Father’s Day is coming ! Get your unique gift here…”

Children who are buying for dad

“Is your dad a Legend? Order now for Father’s Day!!!!”

“Dads are hard to shop for. We’ve made it easy. Buy now and get [xx%] off your order!”

“Skip buying another tie this Father’s Day and get this unique gift that’s made just for him”

“Don’t know what to get dad this Father’s Day? Give the gift he’ll wear for years to come.”

“Gift cards are great, custom shirts are better. Make this Father’s Day one to remember with unique, dad-friendly gifts.”

“Don’t have a gift yet for Father’s Day? Fear not, this shirt is sure to win him over.”

Wives and partners buying for their husband

“Let your special guy know just how much you appreciate him. Buy now before it’s too late.”

“For the man who’s more than just a husband. Limited-time Father’s Day offer.”

“Bring a smile to your man this Father’s Day because he’s more than a husband, he’s a dad.”

Let’s get inspired with some great designs


Now let’s start designing with BurgerPrints!

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