Cross-sell, Up-sell

The purpose of this feature is to increase the number of products sold per order. Our goal is to increase the rate per sale to an average of 1.5 – 2.5 products per order.

This upsell feature will display products under the “Buy Now” method. Automatically optimize for best results.

At step 2 when creating a campaign, before Launching the Campaign, we allow users to set up Up-sell, Cross-sell methods, including:

Post-sale popup upsell: This upsell will be present on a modal after checkout. You may add up to 4 campaigns.

Post-sale email upsell: This upsell will be present in an email after checkout.

You are allowed to choose 01 type of product on 01 campaign to be up-sell and set-up discount for this task in the form of product discount ($).

Post-sale order confirmation email upsell: This upsell will be present in the order confirmation email after checkout. Please select 3 campaigns.

Create Upsell/Cross-Sell campaign now!

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