BurgerPrints Winter Contest: Exceed the Limit

To encourage and promote all the sellers in the work of boost sale for the year-end holiday season, BurgerPrints offers the biggest contest of the year ‘Exceed the Limit’. This contest gives you so many BIG prizes up to $120,000 when you achieve the best result.


From 05th October 2020 until the end of 04th December 2020 (60 days).


– SPECIAL prize: $120,000 for sellers who achieve 60,000 points or more.

– 1st prize: $51,000 for sellers who achieve from 30,000 points to 59,999 points.

– 2nd prize: $15,600 for sellers who achieve from 12,000 points to 29,999 points.

– 3rd prize: $6,000 for sellers who achieve from 6,000 points to 11,999 points.

– 4th prize: $2,100 for sellers who achieve from 3,000 points to 5,999 points.

– 5th prize: $600 for sellers who achieve from 1,200 points to 2,999 points.

– 6th prize: $210 for sellers who achieve from 600 points to 1,199 points.

– 7th prize: $75 for sellers who achieve from 300 points to 599 points.

– 8th prize: $24 for sellers who achieve from 120 points to 299 points.


? All sellers selling and fulfilling at BurgerPrints, including those selling on BurgerPrints platform and dropship sellers, can join the contest.

? Contest results are calculated in points with the following rate:

– Sell each 2D prints item (2D apparel, mugs, poster, phone case, canvas, metal prints, wood prints), sellers get 1 point.

– Sell each full prints item (full prints apparel, legging, blanket), sellers get 2 points.

– Sell each leather or puzzle item, sellers get 2 points.

? Takedown campaigns will not be counted in the contest results.

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