BurgerPrints hottest Print-on-Demand products for the holiday season

As a Print on Demand platform and professional fulfillment service, BurgerPrints offers a wide range of products with high quality and reasonable prices, giving sellers many reasonable choices. Let’s take a look at the hottest products that are helping sellers get the most profit at BurgerPrints.

2D Prints Apparel

Not only is this an extremely popular print on demand product, but also the highlight products at BurgerPrints with many advantages that cannot be ignored.

– Fast shipping and production time.

– Suitable for many niches.

– Product quality is good with reasonable price, modern DTG printing technology.

– Suitable for all platform sellers and fulfill dropship from Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Esty, Ebay… stores.

– Simple fulfill methods.

All over prints products

One of the key products in the year-end sale season. Especially Bomber, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, and Leggings due to the cold season in US and the product are also easy to combine many unique and fancy designs.

Besides, Blanket and Hooded Blanket products are also HOT items currently at BurgerPrints with high quality that is highly vote by customers.

All All-over-Prints products at BurgerPrints have good printing quality.

BurgerPrints All-over-Prints products are currently being offer with the most preferential prices ever. There is also a great Weekly Cashback program for all sellers. Register here!

Leather products: leather notebook, minimalist wallet, passport holder 

A line of late-birth products at BurgerPrints, but it has proved many of its advantages. With its unique design and Handmade on Demand quality, this is definitely a product worth a try at BurgerPrints.

In addition, this product is also very suitable for sellers who are selling on Amazon, Esty, Ebay stores because of its handmade technique and can help sellers build their lasting brand.



This is definitely a super hot product since the date of its announcement. In addition to being combined with many niches, is an attractive game and variety of types and difficulty, this is also a pretty good product for this year’s holiday season.

BurgerPrints also has a wide variety of other products:

Phone case



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