Artwork Library

Media allows creating a design and mockup library on BurgerPrints system for dropship orders fulfillment:



– Upload the right file to the Design or Mockup folder.

– Can upload up to 20 files each time. Can upload multiple times. Uploaded files must follow the BurgerPrints standards. Note that mockup file size min 1000x1000px, max 5mb.

– The files after being uploaded to the Media will have no link. Uploaded files will be recognized and managed by file name. 

– Files uploaded to Media will be stored to create dropship orders. If the files are uploaded to Media but not used to fulfill at BurgerPrints, it will be automatically deleted from BurgerPrints system after 3 months without any notice.

How to use

Step 1: Access the Library tab in the BurgerPrints fulfillment interface.

Step 2: Select the Add Artwork button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Select Add file, select the file to add.

Step 4: After you have uploaded all the files, click Upload Media or Upload All to upload those files to the Library.

After the upload is complete, the seller can create an order using a mockup or pre-designed file on the Library without uploading it anymore.

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