3 mistakes you should avoid in starting POD business

Starting print on demand business is not easy, note this and do not make the following mistakes.

Selling generic designs

This is one of the common mistakes of beginners. If you want to build a strong Print-on-Demand business, you should stand out from all the rest. It also means that you have to create unique standpoint designs to attract your audience. Don’t be overly generic, think of how you can take design elements and make them your niche styles. 

Not responsible

Whatever you do, remember to be responsible with your customers. Be upfront with customers and potential audiences, bad customer service will harm your business in the long term. Be clear that you not only sell one product to one customer but if you make them satisfied (give them the product they were promised), then they will buy again and spread the word about your brand. 

print on demand


Going variant on your designs is a good idea but if you crazy spread it with no focus, your business may go nowhere. Start small and expand slowly, following your target will make your business grow steady. 

Above is some mistakes you may have when running POD business. By avoiding them, you can keep going forward and develop your business successful.

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