5 ways to drive traffic to your print on demand store

After created your print on demand products and successfully uploaded them to BurgerPrints, the next, you need to promote it to your target customers. Because otherwise, your products will be just like a little drop in the ocean, customers will not be able to find your products.

Build community with Facebook page 

If you want to promote your products, the first thing you can think of is social network. Facebook has become a big social network that can connect everyone together and you can easily find your potential customers on it. Building a fanpage for your print on demand products is definitely an effective way to promote them. Create content to attract many target audiences who are interested in the niche you are targeting (for example the same interests or the same job …)

Once you have built a community of people interested in your fanpage, it will be easy to share your products and attract customers.

Use Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram is also a social network used by many people specializing in images. Take advantage of it and put your product images, designs here with the hashtag about your brand or the niche you target. This also increases the opportunity for customers to find your product. Connect Instagram to your Facebook page to increase brand awareness.

Remember to leave the product link on the posts with the call-to-action so that customers can easily order. With instagram, you need to really focus on investing in images, create impressive mockups.

Build community on Twitter

There are many opportunities for you to get traffic from Twitter even orders. The hashtag and buzz used here is very important.

Share your products on Pinterest

This is a page that allows you to pin your product images from the sales page to Pinterest. Posting regularly will be the key to success.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads

This is the most popular and fastest way to promote your products. There are many tutorials on Facebook advertising that you can learn and optimize for best performance.

Investing in Google Ads is also a way to promote your products. Choose the right keywords for your niche.

Above are some ways you can use to promote your products. Take the time to test and optimize in the best way to achieve maximum efficiency.

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