5 major phrases to overview a Print on Demand business

Print on Demand (POD) business does not need to have big expenditures on investment to make a profit.  With POD the product isn’t manufactured until a unit is sold. Every design you create increases your inventory. This article will give you an overview of a POD business through 5 major phrases.

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Mindset is the first thing you have to think about when starting a POD business. It includes your own mindset and your customers’ mindset (your niche mindset).

Your own mindset: Adjust your mindset. Print on Demand is a long haul business. You need to believe that you will succeed and you need to be prepared for ups and downs.

Your customers’ mindset: Pick a few niches that you will focus on. Learn the vocabulary, likes and dislikes, the passions and what sells when you focus on your customers.


Find out what is already selling to people in your niche. What do they like? After that creating an image file (usually png file) that you can give it to your partners to manufacture the products when a unit is sold. 

You also have to create product mockups for your design to promote it to your customers.


It may be your suppliers (manufacturer your designed products), your transporter (deliver your products from suppliers to your customers), … or one partner to help you with everything else of POD business like BurgerPrints

BurgerPrints creates a mock-up of the product you are selling that you can easily add your design, give the place to create your sale page, your shop online, provide the fulfillment service, connect with all suppliers and transporters to make and ship your products, handle all the order status, tracking numbers, payment gate…  and all in one platform and free. You only have to focus on designing, promoting products and getting your profits.


It doesn’t matter how good the product is, if no-one sees it, no-one can buy it. Without traffic, your product is like a bottle in the Pacific Ocean. You need to drive traffic to the sales page of your products. There are a number of ways to do this.

* The biggest traffic source is Facebook. To use Facebook, you need to learn about Pixels and set a pixel for each of your products when you upload them to your online shop or POD platform. You need to create a Facebook page, generate likes for the page, create Facebook ads associated with your page and learn how to run test ads for your product and scale the budget for products that are selling well.

* Take advantage of major selling sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay and integrate with the POD platform.

* Create a niche website store of your own. 

* Google Shopping ads is another source of traffic to your sales pages.

* YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are other sources of traffic to your pages and you must have the traffic to make sales.


Scaling is one of the last major steps.  When you find a product that sells well, you need to increase the traffic to the sales page in order to increase your sales.

There is a technical and an artistic side to run a Print On Demand business. You need to learn your customers, deal with niche audiences, research what they are currently buying, create product design that they will buy and promote it. When you have product that is selling well, you need to scale the traffic in order to increase you sales. Learning Facebook ads is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your sales pages.

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