3 simple steps to create a Print on Demand store with BurgerPrints

The custom domain store on BurgerPrints platform is not only designed with high aesthetics, providing perfect customer experience, it also allows sellers to customize many options to build their own brand, increasing sales with new functions.


Step 1: Basic setup

First, you need to have a seller account on BurgerPrints platform. Sign up for a free account here.

Next, set up a custom domain for the store, website name, connect to social networking sites … Connecting the website to social networking sites will help promote your brand to customers and increase sales.

Step 2: Customize

BurgerPrints custom domain is optimized for sellers to build their own brand. Sellers can customize the images and information on the page follow their strategy.

Logo, banner

To develop your own brand, it is needed to build your brand identity, including the logo. With custom domain, your logo will be placed at the left corner on top of the page.


Banner area: on each custom domain, there is a place for banner right below the menu bar. This banner can be used to inform your customers about your niche, your design, brand information, promotions or special selling campaigns.


The menu bar is an useful tool for customers to easily search your products by topics or tags.

This menu bar can be divided by subject or niche (for example, your brand has designs on many different topics such as family, sports, animals …).

Or you can also create labels about promotions, seasonal or special sale promotions (such as hot items, summer sale, halloween …) to take advantage of these special occasions which can increase sales.


In each custom domain, you can create different storefronts, these storefronts will be similar to a mini store. Each storefront will include campaigns (products) with designs of the same topic or niche and are located on the homepage with the name and banner. Sellers can design storefront banner to attract customers’ attention.


Step 3: Advanced settings

BurgerPrints custom domain stores are designed with automatic upsell features. Sellers only need to set up in the campaign creation step, the upsell products will be introduced to customers in the most optimal way, helping to increase sales and minimize marketing costs.


BurgerPrints also allows to add Google and Facebook tracking to make it easier for sellers to promote and plan marketing strategy for their store.


Sellers can create promotions (discount or free ship) to their online store. Promotions such as freeship will be displayed on the page to attract customers.



The custom domain store on BurgerPrints platform is best suited for print on demand sellers. Not only make it easier for sellers to build their own brand, it also provides a great shopping experience for customers, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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